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Help water the trees

a few more tips & tricks

What is drip irrigation on trees?

What is drip irrigation on trees?

Drip irrigation refers to a watering method in which the water
very resource-saving over a long period of time for droplets
Droplets are released into the soil. This allows the water to be deep
Penetrate into the ground and particularly reach the roots of the tree
good, which means the tree can be optimally supplied with water.

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How do you recognize drought stress in trees?

How do you recognize drought stress in trees?

Is growth delayed in the growing season, ie the shoots are
very short or the leaves are very small, then these are clear signs
for drought stress.

How do you know that a tree needs water?

How do you know that a tree needs water?

In spring and summer there are drooping and wilting leaves, leaf fall and
squashed growth (very short shoots) clear signs that a
Tree urgently needs water.

How much water does a tree need on average?

How much water does a tree need on average?

There is no blanket answer to this question
Answer. This depends on many factors, such as the type of tree and the size
of the tree, the location, the soil conditions, etc.

But there is a rule of thumb:

A medium-sized tree needs 150-200 liters per watering cycle.

Ie two fillings of one Baumbad watering bag or one filling of two connected watering bags.

How can you support urban trees in drought?

How can you support urban trees in drought?

Pour a large amount of water 1-2 times a week.

Recommendation: 150-200l = 2-3 fillings of a tree bath watering bag per watering.

About that
In addition, you can help city trees very well by protecting the upper ones
Loosen the soil layers to prevent the soil from compacting heavily
to break into cities. This often leads to the water
Watering or not being able to penetrate the soil at all when it rains
to reach the roots of the tree, but simply superficial

What is a tree watering bag?

What is a tree watering bag?

A tree watering bag is the ideal watering aid for trees.
The sack is placed around the trunk like a jacket, with a
Zippered and then filled with water. This saves money
You water, time, money and become a #tree saver.

Maybe you have already seen the tree bags in your city.

Why are these bags placed around the tree?
So we want to explain this to you briefly: "Climate change has...
the climate has changed continuously in recent years.
As a result, it has tended to become warmer in Europe, and
rainfall reduced. All in all, it is now proven
drier. As a result, many plants and trees are lost
suffer from lack of water. The green bags on the trees are
Watering bags used to support the tree.
They save both water resources and time when watering
saved. What benefits the environment, the tree and people."

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Protect trees together

Tree sponsorships

Urban trees require more and more additional water due to long dry periods and higher average temperatures. Older trees also increasingly need to be watered. At the same time, many cities are increasingly lacking the necessary financial resources. Baumpat:Inside can protect the trees and at the same time relieve the burden on the coffers.

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Store tree watering bags and watering rings over the winter

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