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Give your tree a refreshing tree bath!

baumbad Premium Irrigation Bag 75L

Offer -22%

baumbad Premium watering bag 75L for long-term tree watering

75L long-term tree watering

16,99€ 21,99€

Pack of 5 baumbad Premium irrigation bag

Offer -15%

5-pack baumbad Premium watering bags for the tree

75L long-term tree watering

79,99€ 94,95€

Baumbad Premium water bag for trees

Offer -18%

10-pack baumbad premium tree watering bag / water bag

75L long-term tree watering

154,99€ 189,90€

Baumbad XL 100L Premium watering bag 100 liters -

Offer -8%

baumbad XL 100L Premium watering bag 100 liters

100L long-term tree watering

22,99€ 24,99€

Set of 5 baumbad Premium watering bags 100L

Offer -12%

5-pack baumbad XL Premium watering bag 100L for watering the tree

100L long-term tree watering

104,99€ 119,99€

Set of 10 baumbad Premium watering bags 100L

Offer -13%

10-pack baumbad XL Premium watering bag 100L / water bag

100L long-term tree watering

199,99€ 229,99€

Tree watering bags


Tree watering bags are an innovative solution for resource-saving watering of trees.
In the course of climate change, droughts are becoming more frequent and longer-lasting. In addition, the soil can no longer completely absorb the rainwater during precipitation, which occurs more and more as heavy rain. As a result, the groundwater level has been falling in many regions for years. This increasing change in the natural water supply of trees poses great challenges for hobby gardeners as well as farmers and gardeners and landscapers in cities and communities when planting young trees and caring for and preserving old and existing trees.
The premium irrigation bags from baumbad help the trees absorb as much water as possible. With this clever way of watering, we help our trees to survive the dry periods in good health.

Tree watering bags are large plastic bags that can be easily attached to a tree and filled with a large amount of water.

The tree watering sacks release the water to the ground in the area of ​​the tree grate over a period of several hours, preventing the irrigation water from draining off and evaporating on the surface and giving the ground and tree roots enough time to absorb the water. Using an irrigation bag to water trees saves both water and watering time.

A tree watering bag becomes like a jacket around a tree
placed and closed with a zipper. Depending on the diameter of
Tree trunk can also be several watering bags with the zippers
connected to each other and placed around the tree.

After that, the tree watering bag is included, depending on the version
filled up to 75l or 100l of water. The filled water is now using over
small outlet holes at the bottom of the tree watering bag very slowly and
distributed evenly to the ground. This form of watering is also known as drip irrigation.

So can small and large trees, fruit and ornamental trees, as well
Young and existing trees are optimally watered for 6-10 hours.

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