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"We are reacting to climate change with our tree watering sack and would like to help you protect your trees in the long term."

Stefan, engineer and founder

baumbad premium tree bag PVC 75 liters

Offer -27%

baumbad Premium watering bag 75L for long-term tree watering

75L long-term tree watering

15,99€ 21,99€

baumbad XL premium watering bag 100L for watering trees

Offer -20%

baumbad XL 100L Premium watering bag 100 liters

100L long-term tree watering

19,99€ 24,99€

baumbad Premium 75 liter irrigation bag for trees made of polyethylene (PE)

Offer -11%

baumbad Premium PE tree bag 75L made of polyethylene (PE)

75L long-term tree watering

22,99€ 25,99€

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Tree irrigation with tree bags

What are these green bags on the trees?

A baumbad watering bag is the quick and easy way to protect trees from the effects of climate change. In the video you will learn more about our product. (Detailed product video approx. 4min)

What the Baumbad heroes say

We love our tree rescuers

Great idea, easy handling and everything from ordering to delivery.

Michael K.

The baumbad irrigation bag

Get your premium irrigation bag

More benefits for you

Short lead times

Fast delivery from Germany guaranteed

Money back

If you are not satisfied, you get your money back.

Free consulting call

Just book one Appointment with our tree expert.

Tree nurseries create life, we at baumbad protect Life.

baumbad, official partner of the Association of German Tree Nurseries.

Wolfgang, gardening professional since 1990

The water bag for your trees

Nature is the greatest gift on earth.

We cannot exist without trees, because without trees and plants there is no fresh oxygen. We at want to create awareness of this and therefore share important knowledge with you. In our guide you will find everything you need to know about trees and irrigation.

Tree Knowledge Blog

Tree diseases and pests - the enemies of our green lungs

Trees can get sick just like humans. Tree diseases and pests make many trees...

How to protect your bags from animal bites

On hot and dry days, tree watering bags may be eaten by rodents...

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