Drip irrigation is based on a simple principle, but it has an extremely strong effect on our trees and plants. There are several ways we can pour. None of them are right or wrong, but one fact is certain: our trees need water to keep our global ecosystem alive.

What is drip irrigation?

Taking drip irrigation is a specific form of long-term irrigation to understand. This is a Alternatives for casting with the garden hose or the Watering can. With this irrigation technology a. Hoses, pipes, irrigation bags or irrigation balls small amount of water evenly directed to the roots of the plants.

There are in the hoses and pipes small openingswhat the water about drop by drop is derived. It can also be laid underground and reaches the roots directly. Irrigation balls are only suitable for smaller plants.

What other casting options are there?

In addition to drip irrigation for trees, there are of course other watering options. The classic method is this Watering cane. You can use tap water for this or collect rainwater in a rain barrel. Then of course there is that garden hosethat you can use to water trees. This variant is even more convenient than watering with a watering can.

You can also use the Sprinkling use as a pouring opportunity. This is about the open spraying of water on a certain surface. This type of irrigation ensures that the water supply in the soil is optimized so that the roots can optimally survive a dry season.

What are the benefits of drip irrigation?

First of all, a big advantage is that with drip irrigation the Determine the amount of water exactly leaves. In contrast to watering with a garden hose, you know exactly how much water you can supply your trees with much more economicalr bypass. Especially in times of climate change there is always a long drought. So it is important not to waste water.

You water a tree with the Watering can, this is a very large amount of water at once. This "flood of water" flows very quickly from and the roots hardly have the opportunity to absorb the water sufficiently. The Drip irrigation again very worried slowly drop by drop that the roots can actually be reached by the water.

In the case of artificial irrigation by a Sprinkling one can high evaporation loss arise at higher temperatures. With drip irrigation, every single drop really does reach the earth. Therefore, irrigation is suitable if then at night or in the early morning hours.

The leaves are also not wetted by the drip irrigation. This has the advantage that fungal diseases do not spread so easily.

So you'd prefer to enjoy instead of pouring? Then you can with drip irrigation not only long term water, but also save a lot of time.

For which plants can drip irrigation be used?

This question can be answered quickly, because this type of irrigation is fundamental possible for all plants. It is only a question of the effort, since, among other things, a suitable irrigation system must be installed. There is a tree bath for individual trees and plants Irrigation bags a very simple, inexpensive and quick to install Possibility of drip irrigation.

For larger areas to be watered or numerous plants or hedges standing in rows, the installation of a Drip irrigation with hoses however, they become more costly and laborious.

Above all, our trees are happy about the drip irrigation, because this is how the water really reaches the roots.

How can you give trees a refreshing tree bath with drip irrigation?

In agriculture in particular, hoses are laid in order to water the trees using drip irrigation. However, this is a really large and sometimes complex system that is therefore not worthwhile and because of the costs for a normal garden. When it comes to viticulture, too, the vines are supplied with water through kilometers of pipe systems.

Outside of agriculture is therefore particularly suitable Tree watering sack. You may have come across this type of irrigation on your way through town. The tree bath is based on a simple principle, but works wonders for our trees.

Imagine the irrigation bag like a jacket wrapped around the tree trunk and is closed with a zipper. The watering bag placed around the tree can now filled with up to 75 liters of water will. He gives this water Drop by drop through small holes in a period of 6 - 9 hours to the ground around the tree. So the tree gets one long bath. This is precisely why the roots of the tree have enough time to absorb the water to supply the entire tree with it.

At the same time the moist Earth around the tree through the irrigation bag protected from direct sunlight. This protects the tree from drought in two ways. For you personally, the big advantage is that the Irrigation bags installed and filled in just 5 minutes is. In contrast to an elaborate irrigation system save you both the installation effort as well as most Money.

This is how you become a tree saver with Tree Bath

Due to the Climate change will the dry spells always longer. The frequent one Heavy rain does not allow our trees to absorb enough water, similar to "flood-like" watering. Ultimately, climate change leads to massive tree death.

At Baumbad we decided to save trees and therefore put all our passion into tree irrigation bags. We love what we do and protect the life of trees in an efficient, simple and resource-saving manner.

You want too from casting hero to tree saver will? Then link trees that need help or have already received it # Casting heroes or #Tree saverto make more people aware of watering trees. Each person is responsible for over 400 trees in this world and even if we cannot help everyone immediately, every step in this direction points the way.

Help more people understand what climate change is about, how we do it together Water trees properly and transform dry earth drop by drop into a refreshing tree bath.

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