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For several years, the number of dry periods and hot days has increased dramatically. Younger trees in particular suffer from this. dr Saha from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) said in an interview with the ESCP (Earth Systems Knowledge Platform): "In Karlsruhe, the location where I do research, 30 percent of the young trees that were planted between 2014 and 2017 died as a result of the drought and heat wave of 2018."

A loss of 30 percent of young trees is a huge loss. Also financially - considering that tree planting often costs more than 2.000 euros per tree.
In many cities, considerable old stock is also dying. In Essen, for example, 25 percent of the existing trees have died in recent years. Older trees that used to get along without watering therefore increasingly have to be watered.

At the same time as the increased need for watering, many city and municipal employees do not automatically have more resources at their disposal. The responsible specialists therefore have to do more work with the same budget. For this reason, innovation is needed to meet the increased demands.

Tree watering bags are worthwhile because they help to water trees efficiently. And at the same time you can save money, time and water.

Here are the most important reasons for using tree watering bags

  • With irrigation bags, the water seeps deeper into the earth
    Tree watering bags work with storage drip irrigation. They fill up within a few minutes and then release the water drop by drop over many hours. Because the water slowly trickles into the soil, the soil can absorb more of it. If water is released too quickly, much of it runs off the surface, especially in compacted soils in settlements. Only when the water reaches the deeper layers of the earth can the roots of the tree absorb it. Only then will the tree be watered effectively.
  • With irrigation bags, bbe properly watered
    A tree bag releases between 75 liters or 100 liters per watering. This is the amount of water that, among other things, from the GALK and the Research Society for Landscape Development Landscaping recommended for young trees. For older trees, several bags can also be connected to each other, which means that 150 liters - or 200 liters - of water can be released in one pour. If you water with tree bags, you can easily follow this recommendation: fill up the tree bag and let it drip.
  • With irrigation bags the water stays on the tree disc
    If the water is poured directly onto the tree grate with a hose, part of it flows off immediately on the surface. Dry soil is hard and cannot absorb much water. As a result, the water cannot seep into the deeper layers of earth where the tree has its fine roots. Apart from the fact that this irrigation takes much more time, at the same time water is wasted. In some regions of Germany, water is already becoming scarce. Prof. Famiglietti evaluates on behalf of the NASA and the German Aerospace Center Data from the Grace satellites and writes: "In plain language: Germany has lost water by the size of Lake Constance in 20 years. That is an unimaginable amount of water."

  • Bag watering makes tree watering predictable
    75 liters or 100 liters of water fit in a single bag. If two bags are connected together, a tree gets 150 liters or 200 liters of water per watering. On the one hand, it is possible to measure exactly how much water an individual tree should receive. At the same time casting runs can also be coordinated. For example, it can be measured how many trees can be watered with one wagon load.
  • Irrigation bags are also suitable for green sponsorships
    Volunteering in the neighborhood makes it possible to supply more trees with water. The combination with irrigation bags is ideal: the city administration can issue a watering recommendation. For example, two bags per week. And the tree rescuers get the right equipment from the bags. Tree and watering sponsorships also increase identification with urban green spaces and can fulfill an educational function for sustainable development. By the way: We recommend having the bags printed, especially for sponsorships.
  • Good irrigation saves money
    Planting a young tree costs a lot of money. If the tree dies and poses a risk to road safety, it is expensive to cut down. It is therefore worth investing in good watering, especially in the hot summer months. This preserves the existing trees and avoids high follow-up costs. Investing in irrigation saves a lot of money and time in the long run. The tree watering bags are an effective and inexpensive way to water trees sustainably.

A trick for older trees

Older trees do not have their fine roots directly at the trunk. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to erect the tree bag in the outer root area with a stake and let it trickle there. 

Are you looking for the right bags? Here you will find the most important features when buying tree watering bags. 

And here is one Overview of the tree bath range.

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