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Operation manual:

Download as PDF: Instructions tree bath

Here you can find the: Most common questions and problem solutions

(Understandable as text and video)


Step-by-step instructions:

Perform the following steps to fill the irrigation bag:

Place the tree bath around the tree trunk (up to 30 cm in circumference) and then close the zipper. Possibly. now attach the lock (not supplied) (see below). Push the water hose (max. 10 cm in diameter) deep into the Baumbad opening.

First fill the tree bath with water about 1/6 (10 liters) and then briefly lift the bag by the black loops. This is important because otherwise the water cannot flow out of the bag. Then fill the bag completely.



Anti-theft device:
After closing the zipper, attach the padlock through the eyelets and only then fill the bag as in step 2 (see above). Never attach or remove the lock to the filled one!

Please only lock the padlocks with a shackle diameter of max. Use 6 mm and a bracket height of at least 50 mm to avoid damage to the.


Application Notes::

  • Use only clean water. Dirt particles can clog the watering holes in the tree bath. If there is no clean water, it must be filtered through a cloth at the end of the hose!
  • Do not attach the Baumbad bag to the black loops or hang it up!
  • The filled bag should neither be opened by the zipper nor transported.
    Do not tear or enlarge the filler opening!
  • When using liquid fertilizers, mix them with water before filling and filter through the baumbad solution as described above!
  • If the baumbad irrigation sack is not required, it should be removed from the trunk and stored in baumbad.



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