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Sustainably protect nature with tree sponsorships

The special living conditions of trees in cities require a high level of maintenance. Our summers are getting hotter and hotter and more water is needed to irrigate urban trees. With the support of tree sponsors, our trees can be protected and the tills relieved at the same time.

Advantages for cities and municipalities:
  • Time savings in irrigation

  • Irrigation effort is easier to plan

  • Relief of personnel costs

Further advantages for you


Tree sponsorship increases acceptance of the preservation of green spaces.

Neighborhood help

By sponsoring trees, the neighborhood can stand up for nature.

Tree protection

By sponsoring trees, old trees can also be watered and thus preserved.

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Tree sponsorships

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Quick help for your request


In the case of watering sponsorships, municipal bodies work together with the public to ensure that city trees are watered. Watering spade: Inside take care of certain trees in the area. Either one person acts as a godfather to water the trees or a group of people water them together. As a rule, the city takes on the further tree care, such as the pruning. Not so long ago, watering young trees was adequate for most years and in most cities. As the summers get hotter and hotter, the soil is now drier and older trees are also under drought pressure. Therefore, older trees increasingly require additional irrigation. In the past, the authorities could handle the tree irrigation well on their own. However, due to the high number of trees in many cities, this is no longer manageable and the cities are increasingly relying on voluntary help!

So everyone can take the initiative and take care of a few trees. In many places, the cities also provide tree bags, watering cans and even water.

In addition to the watering sponsorships, there are also more and more tree sponsorships. Tree sponsorships include the entire maintenance of the tree (except pruning) and the tree slice, which can also be planted and designed. The tree sponsorship also includes the adoption of utensils (such as tree bags) by the sponsor.

Tree donation is the assumption of costs for the tree, the planting and maintenance of which is carried out by the sponsor. This usually receives a certificate and a name tag on the tree. 

These donation trees can then be combined with a sponsorship. The godfather then takes care of the tree and the tree grate.

Climate change is not only affecting our forests, but all trees, including our urban trees. For this reason, you can now sponsor a tree in many cities and take care of a tree in your own street.

To make it easier for the godparents to water the trees, irrigation aids such as tree bags and watering cans can be provided.

Every city, municipality, organization, company or private person can start a tree sponsorship program.

Through effective public relations, it is possible to specifically call for sponsorships between people and trees.

We have already participated in many projects and are happy to contribute to the implementation of your project with creative ideas.

Source: The non-profit association baumretter eV offers many ideas on the topic of #baumretter

People want to help, but usually don't know exactly how to start.

A tree bag is about 7 full watering cans, that is easy to remember and helps to plan the watering. So the whole family can take part in a sponsorship.

First of all, a great advantage is that the amount of water can be precisely determined when using drip irrigation with tree bags. When watering with a watering can or a hose, a very large amount of water is drained off at once. This "water flood" accumulates on the surface and the roots hardly have the opportunity to absorb the water sufficiently before it evaporates again in the soil.

The drip irrigation, on the other hand, very slowly, drop by drop, ensures that the roots in the deep are actually reached by the water.

The green bags are also easily placed around the tree and fastened with a smooth zipper. If necessary, it is even possible to secure the bag with a theft protection device.

A well-designed tree sponsorship system can offer cities and municipalities the following advantages:

1. Maintain or improve quality of life.

2. Use personnel costs in a more targeted manner and reduce calculable costs.

3. Gaining a reputation and promoting it through innovative and sustainable projects.

4. Promote interaction between people in a positive way and encourage the creation of synergies.

5. Make people pay more attention to the green environment.

6. Tree and watering sponsorships can strongly support cities and municipalities in achieving the green goals as well as the UN sustainability goals.

For many godparents there are pigsberkeity and beauty come first. Often neighbors get together because you were annoyed about the constant garbage in the tree grate in your living area. In addition, it is also important for the people involved to be able to design their environment according to their personal ideas. For some tree sponsors, the joy of gardening is a reason for sponsorship, especially if you do not have your own garden.

In addition, tree sponsorships improve communication and the sense of responsibility in the neighborhood. The godparents are approached by neighbors who otherwise would never have approached you on the street. At the same time, the threshold for dumping rubbish and vandalism increases when trees are obviously cared for personally.

Source: Personal stories of casting godparents can be found on be found.

When implementing "holistic tree irrigation concepts for cities and municipalities", baumbad developed a concept of holistic tree irrigation together with interested cities, municipalities and other bodies.

The overall concept includes the following aspects:

1. Participation of the population.

2. Water extraction through, for example, the extraction of rainwater from roofs in tanks.

3. Digital connection (QR code, website, APP application).

4. Third party support (public funds, private supporters, donations).

5. Using watering tanks, irrigation bags, and watering cans.

6. Recommendations for future tree species, especially with regard to further possible uses (new urban biodiversity, biodiversity). 

All of these aspects are also included in the

holistic irrigation documented and used to disseminate the collected knowledge.

Green spaces and trees make the streets and squares of the city more attractive because the trees “represent” the quality of life. They evaporate water and thereby cool the air. They also produce oxygen and combine carbon dioxide and dust. Trees provide shade in summer. They provide a habitat for many animals in the city, including birds, spiders, beetles, and other insects.

However, the special living conditions of trees in cities require a high level of maintenance.