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Offer for our major customers

Siegen, Göttingen, Aachen, Freiburg and Münster have one thing in common? What do you think connects these cities in Germany? We'll tell you. They are the 5 greenest cities in Germany. And what does that have to do with We are happy to share that with you too.

Since we as entrepreneurs have traveled a lot in Germany, baumbad established itself as an idea in our heads several years ago. From the south of Germany to the north, from Cologne to over to Leipzig, we know our country and are grateful for the healthy nature and environment that we experience. It is important to maintain this. This is ours now Passion.

Your advantages as a major baumbad customer at a glance:

• Direct customer service by phone, email and chat.

• Guaranteed low price for cities and municipalities.

• individual, customized quantity offers.

• As a city or municipality, you pay on account.


• Resource-saving, for less water consumption with a higher degree of efficiency

• Time-saving, quick and easy to attach and fill

• You can plan which tree gets how much water and at what distance

• Theft protection possible with a lock or logo print

• The city arms can be printed on the tree bag

• Reusable, high quality certified PVC material.

• Ideal for young trees and new plantings of up to 30 centimeters and, in combination with 2 or more bags, also suitable for larger sizes.

• Thanks to a 75 liter capacity, long-term watering of 6-9 hours is possible.

Contact us now, protect our trees in city centers and communities. Save precious time and valuable resources thanks to the Baumbad watering bag.

Our offer of the 75 liter variant for cities and municipalities:
• from 50
• from 100
• from 250
Regardless of whether you have 11 or 1000 bags, just contact us directly if you need more. As we give additional discounts.


Request for quotation: Contact sales

(a free sample is also possible on request)

€ 15,99 € 21,99 (incl. VAT, excl. Shipping)

All benefits at a glance

Good for your tree and good for you

Long term irrigation

Plants can easily be watered for up to 9 hours with just one filling. Due to the long and even watering, trees can absorb the water much more effectively than through normal watering. This protects trees even better from heat and dehydration.

time savings

Thanks to tube thicknesses of up to 10 cm in diameter, the 75 liter water bag can be filled quickly and with just a few simple steps.

Individual tree thicknesses

Great application possibilities on different trees. As a single sack for tree sizes from 8 cm to 30 cm or by combining several water bags for trees of all kinds.

Quality material

The irrigation sack is made of REACH-certified PVC material. Laboratory tests and practice confirm the UV and weather resistance of the material. The material is particularly tear-resistant thanks to the additional fiber reinforcement.


By attaching a lock, it is now possible to protect your tree bag from theft.

German instructions

Included is a PDF with instructions and application examples as well as tips & tricks from gardening and tree experts.

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The clever irrigation solution

How does the Baumbad bag work?

Our goal from the beginning of the development was a simple application. The tree bath irrigation bag can be installed quickly and easily. More on this in the video.

What the Baumbad heroes say

We love our tree rescuers

Short lead times

Fast delivery from Germany guaranteed

Money back

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back

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