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Our urban trees play a very important role in regulating the urban climate. If the trees are doing well, we humans are also doing well. But the city trees are very different from the free-standing trees and therefore require a lot more attention. What happens if city trees cannot be adequately supplied with water?

These are the peculiarities of the city trees

City trees have an essential part in cities less space than free-standing trees. Underground pipes, buildings and various floor coverings prevent them from optimal root formation. Free-standing trees can therefore take root much more deeply (deep-rooting) and reach the groundwater more easily. Form city trees smaller and also flatter roots (Shallow roots). The water absorption is therefore more difficult.

In addition, there is usually too little soil in urban soils for the water to collect. So even if the water penetrates the soil, it is very difficult for it to reach the roots as it seeps through quickly. This means that city trees turn in very quickly Drought stress advised to shed leaves prematurely and therefore may die.

The Klimawandel makes it even more difficult for our urban trees to be supplied with water due to long dry periods.


This is why urban trees are so important for the urban climate and our well-being

Our city trees donate oxygen and filter CO2 and other pollutants from the air. This cleaning is particularly important for the city air, as it is more polluted with pollutants anyway. Besides city ​​trees regulate the climate in the city, because in summer they ensure that the entire city does not heat up too much. So trees in the city play an important role in our health.

The personal quality of life of us humans is also increased by city trees. We all love green oases in the cities where we can relax from the hectic city life.

When our trees dry out, become sick or die, their important support for us humans is no longer given.

How much water do city trees need and how often should they be watered?

There is no general answer to this question with an exact number. However, the fact is that urban trees need more water than free-standing trees under normal conditions. You can have a medium-sized tree around 5 years old two to three times a week with about 150-200 liters of water make a great pleasure.

It is important not to let the water flow too quickly onto the earth. The slower, the better the roots can absorb.

The water supply of the city trees works optimally if you talk to your neighbors and you support the trees together. 

Which watering methods are suitable for city trees?

In the current difficult times of climate change and prolonged dry periods, everyone is Watering method for the trees helpful, if not lifesaving. Use a watering can, garden hose, irrigation bag or even a water bucket. Every drop helps the city trees to get out of the drought stress, to recover or to stay healthy.

What is the optimal watering method for city trees?

The best way to properly water urban trees is to moisten the soil slowly. In this way the thirst of the trees can be quenched optimally. Watering bags specially developed for this purpose make it possible to bathe a tree. These are placed around the trunk, closed and filled with up to 75 liters of water. The water is released into the earth, drop by drop, through small holes for between 6 and 9 hours. The long period of drip irrigation gives the roots enough time for a tree bath, as they can slowly absorb and store the water.

Become a tree saver too! Now!

We can all lend a hand to help our trees. In many cities there are already regular calls for the city trees to be watered. You too have the opportunity to contribute to a good urban climate through healthy and happy trees. An irrigation sack works wonders for our precious and vital city trees. The advantage is that many city trees are rooted together and you can help several trees with one watering bag.

Great idea, easy handling and everything from ordering to delivery.

Michael K.
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