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All over the world, temperatures are rising as a result of climate change. Dry periods are getting longer, rain showers are becoming rarer and natural disasters are occurring more frequently. Every year a new heat record or the hottest day since the measurements are announced worldwide. But what are the devastating consequences of these climate changes? How do the consequences affect nature, humans and animals?

We'll keep you informed and keep you up to date on both new and past heat records.

Rising temperatures as a result of climate change

Climate change is a major factor in our global average temperatures rising continuously. We have suffered from global warming for many years. Climate zones are shifting, periods of drought lead to fires and forest diebacks, trees die of thirst and natural disasters push both us and nature to our limits. The longer and longer lasting heat waves also increase the health risks for many people.

Rising average temperatures also mean that glaciers melt or sea levels rise. This, in turn, can lead to flooding and erosion. Poor developing countries are also very hard hit by climate change, as they are often heavily dependent on the natural environment.

You can find more helpful information in the detailed article "Climate change - the topic of our time".

Worldwide heat records

The weather around the world is becoming more and more unusual and the average temperatures are rising sharply. Here you will find current and past reports on global heat records.

June heat wave in the US

A heat wave is currently also affecting the USA. Extremely high temperatures are hard on people in the southwest. About 50 million people from the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and parts of Colorado are affected, and the heatwave hit them surprisingly early this year. Arizona's capital, Phoenix, recently set a new heat record of 48 degrees Celsius, while Death Valley in California even measured 53 degrees. The consequences of extreme weather threaten the local water and electricity supply.


First heat wave in Germany in June 2021

The first heat wave of this summer reached Germany in June with record-breaking temperatures in the west and north. The temperature rises to more than 30 degrees, in many places even to 35 degrees and more. It is expected to be the hottest in the inner cities in the west with up to 37 degrees. Heat waves are more common in large cities - climate change makes it possible.


Heat record in Siberia 2020 - the coldest city is reaching temperatures like never before

Climate researchers are sounding the alarm as Siberia is hit by a major heat wave. The city of Verkhoyansk is considered to be one of the coldest inhabited places in the world. Believe it or not, 20 degrees were measured there on June 2020, 38, which means an absolute heat record. Due to the persistent heat, devastating fires are also wreaking havoc in Siberia. In addition, the unusual weather causes the sea ice to melt quickly, which can threaten the life of the polar bears.


Worldwide heat record in July 2019

July 2019 was the hottest month in the world since weather records began. In Germany, for example, 42 degrees were measured and everywhere it was hotter than ever before. Even in Alaska or Siberia the temperatures were well above average. In July 2019, the global average temperature was 0,56 degrees above the average since 1981. This means that temperatures are increasing worldwide by up to 1,2 degrees compared to pre-industrial times.


The earth is glowing - heat records in many countries in 2018

Will our earth change from a blue to a red planet due to climate change?
Global warming continues and new heat records are constantly being set in various countries. Above all, countries with originally mild summers are increasingly affected by this record heat. Temperatures are rising all over the world and climate change is causing mischief.


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