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    If you plan to use your tree watering bags for many years, you should never do the following things:
  • Hang the bags (using the loops) so that the weight is no longer on the floor
  • Clean the bags with sharp objects
  • Do not remove the bags from the tree for a moment for several months
  • Never pour out the remaining water in the bag
  • Use stale water with algae from ponds
  • Crisp the bags at high temperature and pressure
  • Put the only water available in the garden into the bag (more information about this here)
  • Leave the bags on the tree even during storms, hail, frost and snow
  • Leave the bags on the tree while the lawn is mowed
  • Drill/prick additional holes in the bags yourself
  • Buy a bag and never use it
  • Burn bag
  • Buy the bag and return it unused
  • Remove the bags and put them in a corner for a long time without cleaning them 
  • Place bag on sharp objects
  • Never clean the bags
  • Clean the bag in the washing machine
  • Add strong chemical fertilizers to the bag water
  • Throw trash in the bags
  • Dig the bag into the ground
  • Insert fireworks into the openings
  • Fill bag with hot water
  • Fill bag with water in case of frost
  • Use as a long-term water depot
  • Water again and again without checking the soil 
  • Start watering too late in the year 

If you are interested in how you can maintain the longevity of your tree watering bags, you can find out here more information about this.

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