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Watering bags / tree bags / bags for watering trees

Give your tree a refreshing tree bath!

Baumbad Premium watering bag 75L for long-term tree watering -

Offer -13%

baumbad Premium watering bag 75L for long-term tree watering

75L long-term tree watering

€ 18,99 € 21,99

5-pack baumbad Premium watering bag / tree bag for watering the tree - 5er Pack

Offer -12%

5-pack baumbad Premium watering bags / tree bags for watering the tree

75L long-term tree watering

€ 89,99 € 102,99

10-pack baumbad Premium tree watering bag / water bag - 10er Pack

Offer -14%

Pack of 10 baumbad Premium tree watering bags / water bags

75L long-term tree watering

€ 169,99 € 199,90

Tree bags are an innovative solution for watering our urban trees. It doesn't matter whether it's a fruit tree, birch, linden, walnut, fir or palm tree. The premium watering bags from baumbad help the trees to absorb as much water as possible. With this clever type of irrigation, we help our trees to survive the phases of dry periods in a healthy manner.