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Special offers for cities: Tree bags for young city trees

directly to the offer for cities

Whether Berlin, Düsseldorf or Hamburg, the big cities in Germany are doing it right and small cities like Ravensburg, Biberach or Ulm are doing it too. Reading this text means that you are also taking the first correct step. We are pleased that you are visiting here.

Arrange a free appointment with our Baumbad consultant team now.

Benefit now as a city or municipality from the special offers here at - more about this here in the overview. If it has to go very quickly, send an email to and state the following points for the offer request:

• City or municipality for which you want to use the irrigation bags

• desired amount

• Contact person for submitting the offer and telephone number

You will receive a personal offer within 12 hours and will be assigned to a personal contact in our team. From now on, this contact person will accompany you around the clock on the subject of irrigation and help you with the order and with all questions. We love what we do, you will feel it. Promised.

Individual offers for cities and municipalities + personal service around the clock.

 Tree irrigation city of Düsseldorf tree alley

Our Watering bags offer is specially tailored to your city or municipality, because at we make the green difference as a company and do everything we can to ensure that you personally receive the best solution. Before requesting your individual offer, we ask you to take a few minutes, because it is important to us that you understand why we are doing what we love so much, namely protecting the environment and helping you to save money and precious time save up.



In case you just don't have the time and ours genesis If you want to read at a later time in peace, you can of course get an offer immediately.

We just love it at and there are two easy ways:

1. Book a free appointment for a consultation with our irrigation experts and garden lover Mr. Stefan Flüs.

2. Write a short email to and tell us your city, the desired quantity and we will respond within 12 hours with an exclusive offer. Please leave the telephone number and the contact person.

3. Call our customer service now at 0163 - 62 85 629 and Mr. Tsachouridis will help you directly with your inquiry. Accessible from early morning to late evening.

Great idea, easy handling and everything from ordering to delivery.

Michael K.
The Baumbad irrigation bag

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